Donate Now and Help Us Support Individuals and Businesses with Random Acts of Kindness

Donate Now and Help Us Support Individuals and Businesses with Random Acts of Kindness image


Across the nation people’s lives have been disrupted. We’ve seen heartache, panic and pain. But we’ve also seen extreme good, kindness and unity while we all try and navigate through these unprecedented times. Because this crisis has affected everyone on some level, it’s been something most can relate to unlike other disasters throughout history.

From the early stages of this pandemic, we knew we wanted to get involved and have thought long and hard about how. All of our lives have changed but we are reminded that all of us depend on each other to continue to work keeping our communities strong and uplifted.

The See Good, Be Good, Do Good campaign is all about spreading good to help drown out the bad. While we don’t ever want to forget or be blinded to the reality of what if going on right now, keeping our focus on the positive helps to make this all as bearable as possible and creates and encourages a chain reaction of good and kindness.

The good we plan to spread through this campaign focuses on local businesses and unexpected strangers. We want to help small business in our local communities survive so they can thrive once the nation gets back to our new normal and restrictions are lifted. This along with providing funds and gifts to help people go out and support these businesses will provide a “win-win” scenario in sense helping two for the price of one.

See Good, Be Good, Do Good plan is to focus on five areas from the Alzheimer’s Association’s recommendations for keeping a healthy mind/brain: MOVE, RELAX, NOURISH, DISCOVER and CONNECT. Here are examples of the Random Acts of Kindness we intend on doing keeping in mind these five healthy examples.

  • Move: Purchase online subscriptions (such as personal trainers, yoga or exercise classes) and give them out to people.
  • Relax: Buy and then distribute gift cards for hair-dressers, barbers, nail salons, massages to be used when their doors open back up.
  • Nourish: Buy and then distribute gift cards (or food) for local restaurants, grocery stores, food from farmers markets and purchase meals for nursing homes
  • Discover: Always looking for new ways to provide cheer and unexpected gifts in the least expected ways (leave gas gift cards at gas pumps, giving out $100 bills to strangers).
  • Connect: Pay for unexpected people's cellphone or internet bills and writing letters for the elderly and mail them to nursing homes and hospitals.

By donating to this campaign, 100% of what you are contributing will make all of this possible. Follow along on our social media (hashtag #seegoodbegooddogood) to see photos/videos of our local deeds as well as updates of opportunities that you can take advantage of to help us SEE THE GOOD, BE THE GOOD AND DO THE GOOD. You never know where we are going to be!

If you are unable to donate at this time, we still encourage you to go out and do a random act of kindness. Many are priceless.

Here are a few tips –

  • Look out for the opportunity (there are more than you think).
  • Be willing the help complete strangers knowing that you may not receive anything in return.
  • Pay attention to the local news for things that you can do (blood drives, food banks, etc).
  • Know that even the smallest acts of kindness count!
  • Remember that “GOOD ALWAYS WINS”!

Individuals who donate $50 or more will receive a free "See the Good. Be the Good. Do the Good" mug, and individuals who donate $100 or more will receive a free "See the Good" bracelet.